Red Abstract Painting Prints in a French Home

Red Abstract Painting Print

Red Abstract Painting Prints in a French Home

Red Abstract  painting Prints are for our client from France. She has sent us pictures of her beautiful home near Paris so we are proud to show the wall art outcome. She bought from us two archival prints from the “Red Dress” Red abstract painting prints collection and framed them locally, We always suggest to frame our prints at your local framer, in order to get the savings in buying our art from Italy. The size of the fine art prints are 40×40″ (100×100 cm). The Abstract Painting Red Prints are limited edition, therefore each one carefully hand signed and numbered on front and rear by us, A.F. DUEALBERI.

The Interior Decor result is just stunning ! It matches so well with the living room chairs, plant vase, and yes also lamp. We think that the integration between abstract art and home decor is great.

Huge red abstract prints france

We loved the contrast between white and red in her living room, the touches of red add interest to her contemporary home.

Also these LARGE RED ABSTRACT PAINTING PRINTS  are available in our shop

Huge red abstract art Interior design

We just love the result. You can find more large prints our DUEALBERI ETSY SHOP. 

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Large Abstract Canvas Art Custom made

Large Abstract Canvas

Large Abstract Canvas Art Showcase by DUEALBERI

We have previously talked about how commissioned minimalist abstract art works, you can read about it here. Today we want to share with you you a practical outcome on how a custom made Large Abstract Canvas, may come to life.

Nancy from USA contacted us to to commission a large canvas painting. This is a two way experience, meaning that the client somehow likes what you do and would like to have something similar to what you have already made, so to help we always ask “what is the painting that you like mostly?” Nancy chose this already sold painting as a starting point:

Abstract Art Duealberi - Commissioned Art

Original Large Abstract Canvas Painting by A.F. Duealberi – Italy

Her living room had specific tones and colors so her request was to align the red tones to a rust color, more acqua, dark blue and a rectangular extra large 30×40″ stretched canvas ready to hang. We were happy to satisfy this request and the result was this:

Abstract Art Duealberi - Commissioned Art

Commissioned Large Abstract Canvas Art by A.F. Duealberi

Abstract Art Duealberi - Commissioned Art

Huge Abstract Art – Closeup – A.F. Duealberi

Nancy liked it a lot and we were happy as well to make our client happy. This is very important because it becomes also something very personal. We would like to point out that regarding this matter, a commissioned Abstract Painting is something that sometimes we make starting from our art that is already sold, sometimes it’s something new with just a slight inspiration, but the most important thing it is never a reproduction. We never get tired of saying this: It is tecnically impossible for us, as each painting is always different since hues shapes and tones also vary slightly each time.

What connects each new painting to the artist and to the collector is the overall sensation, style and emotion that persists in the overall  A.F. Duealberi body of work.

If you would like something to have a Large Abstract Canvas Painting for your home or you are an Interior Designer, you can CONTACT us for something personal or specific. we can do paintings stretched canvas, ready to hang, up to 40×40″ size. Larger, huge paintings are made too, but on unstretched canvas, rolled in a tube.  The client will have to stretched it locally. It will arrive safely packed to your door in 7 days, worldwide, with tracking code,  directly from Italy.

Extra Large Abstract Canvas Prints in New Jersey Home

Large Abstract Canvas

Large Abstract Canvas Prints. Interior home decor in New Jersey

Today our client M. from New Jersey –  United States sent us a picture of our Large Abstract Canvas Art Prints, framed in her home. We liked the result, so we are glad to show it to you as well.

The framer as well said many times that the printings were beautiful, we are very flattered.

What you see are high quality large absract wall art giclee archival prints 40×40″ made from our original abstract paintings.

The ones you see are titled: Cups and Muffins 01, Cups and Muffins 02. Inks are archival as well as the paper, which is 320 gsm thick slightly textured.

These greenish Large Abstract Canvas Art prints are available in our personal Etsy shop here and here. If you wish you may visit also the general section

You can see below the final result. We like them a lot.

Here is Antonia holding one print

Large Abstract Art - Giclee print




Here is Antonia holding the other Large Abstract Canvas


Large Abstract Art - Giclee print


This is how they look framed and set up in our client’s home in New Jersey. We are so glad to make our collectors happy.

Additional glass protection is used, and due to the large frame size 48×48″ (120x120cm), the framer used a special UV protective acrylic panel in order to avoid heavy glass, not really suitable especially when you have children in home. We think it’s great as it gives extra life lasting value to the handsigned and numbered print enhanced also by the elegance of the frame.

Each print is numbered and signed by us A.F.Duealberi

Large Abstract Canvas

Did you like the Prints? you can order also some in our personal shop here or ask us for commissioned art work.

Custom Made Minimalist Abstract Painting

Minimalist Abstract Painting

Custom Made Minimalist Abstract Painting by A.F DUEALBERI

Did you know that you can commission art? That means that you can ask us to make a a custom made artwork just for you, in the size that you need.

The question may be, why would someone require a Minimalist Abstract Painting on demand? This is not a new issue, art has always somehow been connected to it’s mentors, and in many ways it is something personal in a two way direction. We receive many requests for so called commissioned Abstract Art, Bespoke Art or Art or custom made, so we wanted to show you how we work because we are very flattered to receive your requests, this means that you like what we do.

But how does it work? Do we make anything you request? What can we do and how does the process work?

Our collectors generally contact us asking if it possible to create a new  Minimalist Abstract Painting  inspired from one of our previous paintings that have been already sold.  They want to have in a specific size, generally over 30×30 inches. This is quite normal as each artwork is one kind. Sometimes we have additional requests such as some specific color variation or minor suggestion. In this case we prepare a color palette in order that our client feels comfortable with the colors that we will use on the canvas. All the rest is left to us. Once agreed we start the painting process with a non refundable deposit. When ready we send an image to our client that is always astonished, and then after drying process we ship via Fedex

In general we connect with our “Commissioned Art Collectors” through these simple guidelines and keep all the rest to our free inspiration as we really cannot control the whole creative process, it is something beyond our will.

you may contact us directly for any inquiry or for a start check out our Commissioned Art section.

Here are some examples of what we have done: each minimalist abstract painting is happily commissioned art made by us, A.F. Duealberi.


Custom Abstract Art by DUEALBERI
Commissioned Abstract Art for Carl S. Boston USA – A.F. DUEALBERI
Commissioned Art
Commissioned Abstract Art for Jane M. New York USA – A.F. DUEALBERI
Commissioned Art
Commissioned Abstract Art for Anne R. Dallas USA – A.F. DUEALBERI


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