DUEALBERI Minimal Agave and Cactus Print “Tvilling Poster” for IKEA


DUEALBERI Minimal Nature Agave and Cactus Print “Tvilling Poster” for IKEA

Our modern nature poster has been chosen by IKEA as wall decor, it is available this season at IKEA stores worldwide

Hi there, we have great news to share today. A.F. Duealberi agave plant poster has been chosen by Ikea as part of their 2017 home decor collection. This large Agave Print is already in stock starting February 2017 in all IKEA stores worldwide. It is sold as “Tvilling Poster” decoration set in the 19,7 x 19,7 inches (50×50 cm) size, together with a fellow artist’s work Cassie Ballard with her Cactus Print.

agave and Cactus Print
Photo Credit: IKEA


You may find this nature Cactus print set online and in every IKEA store worldwide this season. 


Agave and Cactus print for IKEA


The Agave and Cactus Print perfectly fits IKEA Ribba frame and is a good addition to your home decoration, as this season the green wave of nature art prints and in particular leaf, succulent and cactus posters are on-trend.

Agave Nature print by A.F. Duealberi for IKEA

Yesterday we checked out the closest IKEA store here in Rome. The picture itself was taken here in Rome, this stunning city in the heart of Italy, full of Mediterranean trees and plants. The agave is a succulent plant that is quite typical for the central and southern part of Italy. We took some cell phone pictures inside the store of the modern nature poster and are happy to share them with you. The art print really looks beautiful in a simple white frame on the wall.

Duealberi Agave and Cactus print display at IKEA

IKEA has a range of frames that are suiutable for this size of square nature art print.  You will also see here our smiling faces as one of our dreams has come true. We have always loved the minimalist and modern designs commissioned by IKEA and are very glad that our art made it to be present here.

Antonia Duealberi with A.F. Duealberi Agave poster print for IKEA

This art print size is pretty large and may perfectly fill a 4-5 feet empty wall. As many of our minimal nature prints,  this one is not a plain black and white print but has a delicate greenish shade that happens to be very fashionable this year.  



Please visit also our modern hand signed nature art print collection, available in different sizes in our Black and White Prints SectionWe are open to create custom sizes upon request and can print up to 60×40 inches (150 x 100 cm) which is quite an impressive huge size for a wall art. We ship internationally with tracking code all over the world, so you will have your art print delivered directly to your door with tracking code in just 5 working days. We work closely with interior designers and set decorators on custom interior design projects worldwide. You can get in touch if you are looking for modern wall decor, nature print sets and original abstract art.

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Did you know that A.F. Duealberi Modern Canvas Art from our original abstract paintings were featured by Warner Bros. for Hollywood Abstract Art Set Decor? Read more about it in one of our previous posts.

DUEALBERI Modern Nature Art Print for a Vacation Rental Suite in Rome

nature art print by duealberi

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DUEALBERI Black and White Modern Nature Art Print for a Vacation Rental Suite in Rome

A second B&B renovation story from Interior Decorator Arlene Gibbs

Do you remember that a while ago we have written about a B&B in via Monserrato, in the heart of Rome, where American decorator Arlene Gibbs used our nature art prints? Well, she used our artwork also in a second vacation rental project, this time in the central Via Dei Banchi Vecchi.

nature art print by duealberi

For this second project Arlene chose a large 100×70 cm nature art print from our minimalist modern artwork collection. We used heavyweight 300 gsm fine art paper of museum quality. We print with the latest existing technology fine art pigment inks so the artwork is archival. It is hand signed on front as well.  We can print any size up to 140×100 cm (56×40 inches) which is really a huge print.

nature art print by duealberi

Is is a modern pine tree print which describes Rome very well. You can see the pine tree all over Rome and it is a part of the cityscape. Arlene took the artwork to the framers and did a custom framing and matting. Moreover a special spot light has been added to enhance the artwork. The Duealberi nature art print has been placed in the living room, on the wall between the two windows. The decorator kept the palette of the apartment very simple, with creamy whites, grey, black, and a touch of dark red. What we love is that they kept the unique original floors and ceilings but at the same time managed to give more light and room to the space, located in a three hundred years old building in the heart of Rome.

nature art print by duealberi

If you are curious to learn more about the project, please visit Arlene Gibbs’s lovely website and learn more about the Before and After of  Via Dei Banchi Vecchi Project commissioned by Your Suite Rome RentalsArlene Gibbs Decor is a full service studio focusing on residential, commercial, and hospitality interiors, based in Rome.

Photos: Vincenzo Tambasco

The modern Pine nature art print that you see here and many other nature art prints are available in different sizes in our Black and White Prints SectionWe are very flexible and can create custom sizes upon request. All artwork is handsigned by us and made in Italy. We ship internationally all over the world so you will have your art print delivered directly to your door with tracking code in just 5 working days.

Did you know that A.F. Duealberi Modern Canvas Prints from original abstract paintings were featured by Warner Bros. for Hollywood Abstract Art Set Decor? Read more about it in our previous blogpost.

Extra Large Canvas Prints In A Modern Chicago Apartment

Extra Large Canvas Prints

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Extra Large Canvas Prints In A Modern Chicago Apartment

A showcase of two contemporary art prints stretched personally by the client

 Our happy customer Michael from Chicago (IL, USA), has sent us recently some pictures of his gorgeous modern apartment featuring two of Duealberi limited edition fine art Extra Large Canvas Prints. Both of them have really bright colors (blue and red) and contemporary designs, really suitable as wall art for a modern architecture style. Both prints are printed with the latest technology Epson printer on heavyweight museum quality cotton canvas 390 gsm, made in Italy, then numbered and handsigned personally by us. A.F. Duealberi,  The Camel’s Journey 02 in dark blue and My new dress 01 in bright red color.

The Camel’s Journey 02


My new dress 01


Our customer Michael ordered the art prints in 40×40 inches size which is the largest available size on canvas or paper. You probably know that we ship international from Italy so the large art prints come rolled in a sturdy tube in order to have the best possible shipping costs and avoid damage. Considering this, it is much more convenient to stretch and frame the canvas prints locally. Today we will show you how Michael has stretched himself the large art prints on canvas he ordered on beautiful and heavy wood bars.


He didn’t use any stretcher bar, he just ordered a quality frame. If the frame is perfect it will be easy, if uneven then the canvas will not be centered, shared with us Michael.  Then you put two stables on one side and then two stables on the opposite side. This will hold it in place. Then you check to make sure it all centered. Then you do two stables on the 3 panel and then on the fourth panel. Then you go around and one by one pull slightly on the canvas over the frame and stable it. Then the corners and done.

Michael also said he chose to make the angles flat, not angled,  to give a more contemporary look to the canvas art print.


Have a look at some images of Michael’s contemporary design home. We are very proud that he has chosen our art to put it together with some iconic design furniture pieces. We think that images talk more than words, so here is the result.


 Here you see the already stretched prints ready to be hang on the walls.




We think Michael is very creative and the space is stunningly cool. What do you think?


Here you see the bright color better. Michael loved it very much. It is bold, trendy and modern. Perhaps you remember also our post about a client in Rhode Island that used the same red art print in her contemporary home.  Both places are worth to be featured in an interior design magazine.




Hope you have enjoyed this post. See also a similar large abstract print that has been chosen by Warner Bros. for Hollywood Abstract Art Set Decor. Read more about it in our previous blogpost. Please also check out our etsy shop for more modern Extra Large Canvas Prints.

Tree Prints, Black White and Red for a B&B in Rome

Arlene Gibbs Decor - Duealberi abstract Art

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Tree Prints, Black White and Red for a B&B in Rome

B&B renovation story feauturing Interior Decorator Arlene Gibbs

 A while ago we were quite lucky to have been featured on Erin Gate’s wonderful Elements of Style Blog, in an article called “Two Great Etsy Shops” , well, we were very flattered and grateful for the attention.

Tree print black white red

On that occasion, Arlene Gibbs, New York City born Interior Decorator based in Rome, coming from previous Hollywood executive/producer world, just happened to cross by the blog post. We happend to be in the same city! As a matter of fact, Arlene was looking for some interesting and modern Nature Wall Art, for her undergoing interior renovation project at the Grand Suite B&B in Via Monserrato Rome.

The outcome was that Arlene, knowing that we were in Rome as well, contacted us, so we arranged to supply one of our A.F. Duealberi signed Minimalistic Nature prints on high quality 300 gsm lithographic paper. We were first of all glad to have met Arlene, Stylish Caribbean influenced decorator, as she is so charming, enthusiastic and professional to work with. Moreover, it was a great pleasure to see the outcome in the overall elegant scenery of the Grand Suite B&B  renovation in via Monserrato, an elegant hospitality place in the historical center of Rome.

We think that images talk more than words, so here is the result.

Arlene Gibbs Decor - Duealberi abstract Art

The Tree prints, black white and red ” Conifer 03″ fit perfectly, centered in the elegantly refurbished living room. Arlene chose also other floral paintings from our Rome Based friend Marta Alexandra Abbot and we think that they drive the sophisticated interior Wall Decor of the whole renovation.

Arlene Gibbs Decor - Duealberi abstract Art

Arlene Gibbs Decor is a full service studio focusing on residential, commercial, and hospitality interiors, based in Rome, for more information you can visit her elegant website and learn more about the Renovation at Grand Suite B&B – Via Monserrato Rome

Photos: Vincenzo Tambasco

The Tree prints, black white and red that you see here and many other are available in our Black and White Prints Section

Did you know that A.F. Duealberi Large Abstract Art Prints and Paintings were chosen by Warner Bros. for Hollywood Abstract Art Set Decor? Read more about it in our previous blogpost.

Large Abstract Art on Elements of Style Blog

Elements Of Style Blog

DUEALBERI Abstract Art Featured on Famous Elements Of Style Blog

In an article called “Two Great Etsy Shops!”, the popular interior design – Elements Of Style blog has featured our original abstract art along with our modern botanical art prints. Erin Gates, The author of the blog is Boston based interior designer. Her blog was named one of the top 10 design blogs of 2008 by the Washington Post and is among the six best blogs of 2010 by Fox News. So, this blog is a big deal and we were very happy to be featured there.  Great to follow if you love elegant and artistic interiors. Here you may have a preview of our DUEALBERI abstract wall decor Made In Italy, seen in Elements of Style blog:

elements of style blog - Duealberi


Erin in her wonderful Elements Of Style Blog talked about first our black and white nature prints , then she shared some images of small abstract paintings on paper work series and then large artwork on canvas as well. All this is made by us, we create each artwork, pack and ship carefully from ITALY,  directly to your home. Each print is signed and limited edition prints are also numbered. Many interior decorators and home owners are happy to receive our artworks each time.


Large black and white prints by Duealberi , Made in Italy



duealberi small talks 16 PAINTINGS


Very proud to have appeared in her wonderful and elegant Interior Decor Blog.

You can read the full post in the ELEMENTS OF STYLE BLOG article “TWO GREAT ETSY SHOPS!”

All our works are available in our DUEALBERI ETSY SHOP.

You can view also our personal DUEALBERI SHOP

If you liked this post you can also read about how A.F. Duealberi made it to Hollywood, for Warner Bros. Supergirl Home Decor Set, with large Abstract Prints and Paintings

Extra Large Abstract Canvas Prints in New Jersey Home

Large Abstract Canvas

Large Abstract Canvas Prints. Interior home decor in New Jersey

Today our client M. from New Jersey –  United States sent us a picture of our Large Abstract Canvas Art Prints, framed in her home. We liked the result, so we are glad to show it to you as well.

The framer as well said many times that the printings were beautiful, we are very flattered.

What you see are high quality large absract wall art giclee archival prints 40×40″ made from our original abstract paintings.

The ones you see are titled: Cups and Muffins 01, Cups and Muffins 02. Inks are archival as well as the paper, which is 320 gsm thick slightly textured.

These greenish Large Abstract Canvas Art prints are available in our personal Etsy shop here and here. If you wish you may visit also the general section

You can see below the final result. We like them a lot.

Here is Antonia holding one print

Large Abstract Art - Giclee print




Here is Antonia holding the other Large Abstract Canvas


Large Abstract Art - Giclee print


This is how they look framed and set up in our client’s home in New Jersey. We are so glad to make our collectors happy.

Additional glass protection is used, and due to the large frame size 48×48″ (120x120cm), the framer used a special UV protective acrylic panel in order to avoid heavy glass, not really suitable especially when you have children in home. We think it’s great as it gives extra life lasting value to the handsigned and numbered print enhanced also by the elegance of the frame.

Each print is numbered and signed by us A.F.Duealberi

Large Abstract Canvas

Did you like the Prints? you can order also some in our personal shop here or ask us for commissioned art work.

Abstract Canvas Art Wall Decor- Tulips for Lunch

Abstract Canvas Art

Abstract Canvas Art – “Tulips for Lunch”

New series of four Abstract Canvas Art Paintings by DUEALBERI: Tulips for lunch 12×12 inches each, acrylic, oil and charcoal on canvas. They are pinkish, colorful, childish. Hope you like them. They will soon be in our shop, you can contact us if you wish to reserve.

These small wall art paintings are ideal if you wish to enlighten a wall with a 4 painting set, with an overall wall art decor on an area of about 30×30 inches.

We like them, makes us smile, hope you will too.

Abstract Canvas

Abstract Canvas

Abstract Canvas

Abstract Canvas


You can read more about our small abstract canvas art in this article pink-abstract-wall-art

Or you can Buy Abstract Art Prints for your Home. We Ship them worldwide directly to your home in just a few days. They arrive safely Packed in a sturdy tube