So, what is this all about ?

It’s about a new world of total mind boggling digital art ownership. We are really excited to be part of this !

What is an NFT ?

NFT stands for “Non Fungible Token” , it is a crazy thing that associates information to an a digital item. It is created and embedded on the Blockchain. This is a hint, go and read more about what NFT’s are. It is up to you if you feel like collecting them.

What am i buying

An NFT on the blockchain that proves your ownership, isn’t that cool?

Are they sold directly by you ?

No we mint and publish them on the blockchain through a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace. The selling process is between you and the chosen portal (for example We have absolutely no control of anything else. Refer to the initial “Duealberi” profile of the marketplace in which the collection is initially published and from there, welcome to to the Wild West !!

If you are buying, this means you know exactly what you are doing (it’s risky, and we cannot assist nor help you if you make any mistake anywhere, we warned you ).

So what is this page about ?

It’s just to show you what we minted and where to get it, all the other choices depend on you.

Will you release more ?

You bet !! This is the beginning of something new and wonderful!  we have been on the scene since 2011 and are in for the long run. We are here to delight you for a long time! Each collection contains a selection of closed limited edition NFT’s so you can be sure that if you get it, only you and a handful of other collectors will have it, depending on the size of the edition,  but we will be of course producing NEW COLLECTIONS !! We are very thrilled !!

So, are you now an NFT artist or what? I thought you painted !

We are artists! that means we love to create!

NFT’s are a new means of creation and collection. if you are here you know what we are talking about.

I love your NFT’s but I would rather buy the original artwork or signed prints

Ok that’s fine we perfectly understand, you can still purchase the traditional originals or limited edition prints (non nft’s) in the proper “original art” or “signed prints”  section.

If I buy an NFT will I own the copyright ?

Really ? (no!)

If I buy one of your NFT will I receive also the original art ?

No, but you are free to purchase separately also a print if you want to.

Can I get a refund or send it back or something similar, omg this freaks me out I am not sure what I am doing…help !

We understand, it’s a weird world, but the answer is NO to all the questions. Do your study and know what you are buying, getting involved in NFT’s is your total responsibility, even the purchase process. Sorry but you are on your own. The NFT is minted and is forever on the blockchain. That means we have absolutely NO CONTROL of anything.

Ok, ok more or less I got it, one last question: Where is the bathroom?

Down the hallway on the left.

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