Duealberi Statement


Italian (Italy), born 1972


Our art is the playground. It is a when the adult becomes the child again and rediscovers a forgotten level of perception. It is the true self that comes out again unfiltered, yet with mature knowledge.

Being an interweaved duo, and having been Influenced in the earlier years by pictorial and photographic studies of nature and at the same time by architectural background, we now constantly research the interconnection between the natural freeform and the geometrical, expressed as well as contrast at a chromatic level.

Our work attempts to recreate thoughts, which may represent an environment or an experience. Strokes and compositions are completely intuitive, gestural, natural, spontaneous, while the use of bold and fresh colors with a playful attitude brings each time a contrasted expression, yet optimistic, light, joyful and frank vision of life.
Pictorial gestures free from control bring on the canvas a complete abstraction of a world we wish to share.

Our vibrant paintings are made with multiple layers of paint and different media, and enhanced through the use of acrylics, oils and charcoal on canvas or wood.

Each work is a progressive evolution of a process, which involves, inspiration, study and execution which is shared between both as mutual and evergoing creative interaction.

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