Duealberi Quoted In An Interior Design Article

Duealberi was recently quoted in an interior design article named “15 Tips to Revamp Your Room From Dull to Dazzling” by Julia Weaver for Redfin, a prominent Real Estate Firm in the United States.  The article gathers interesting ideas from experts that work in the interior design field.

Duealberi Quoted In An Interior Design Article

“Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house and the one you spend most of your time in. Even though few guests will step foot inside, it’s important to give your space a refresh to fit your style and become your personal getaway”, says Julia. “Refreshing your space doesn’t require a complete remodel, says the article. In fact, incorporating things like well-placed art, bold wallpaper, and your favorite materials and colors will do just the trick”.

Duealberi is quoted in the “Incorporate artwork into your bedroom” section. “Choose abstract art with tones and colors that suit your bedroom and boost your mood every time you look at it. Challenge yourself and experiment where the art piece looks best, maybe it’s over the bed or above your dresser”.

The artcile goes on with how to make a statement using your bedroom walls, how to add eye-catching details, and make use of different materials. You may read the entire artcile here

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