Custom Made Minimalist Abstract Painting

Custom Made Minimalist Abstract Painting by A.F DUEALBERI

Did you know that you can commission art? That means that you can ask us to make a a custom made artwork just for you, in the size that you need.

The question may be, why would someone require a Minimalist Abstract Painting on demand? This is not a new issue, art has always somehow been connected to it’s mentors, and in many ways it is something personal in a two way direction. We receive many requests for so called commissioned Abstract Art, Bespoke Art or Art or custom made, so we wanted to show you how we work because we are very flattered to receive your requests, this means that you like what we do.

But how does it work? Do we make anything you request? What can we do and how does the process work?

Our collectors generally contact us asking if it possible to create a new  Minimalist Abstract Painting  inspired from one of our previous paintings that have been already sold.  They want to have in a specific size, generally over 30×30 inches. This is quite normal as each artwork is one kind. Sometimes we have additional requests such as some specific color variation or minor suggestion. In this case we prepare a color palette in order that our client feels comfortable with the colors that we will use on the canvas. All the rest is left to us. Once agreed we start the painting process with a non refundable deposit. When ready we send an image to our client that is always astonished, and then after drying process we ship via Fedex

In general we connect with our “Commissioned Art Collectors” through these simple guidelines and keep all the rest to our free inspiration as we really cannot control the whole creative process, it is something beyond our will.

you may contact us directly for any inquiry or for a start check out our Commissioned Art section.

Here are some examples of what we have done: each minimalist abstract painting is happily commissioned art made by us, A.F. Duealberi.


Custom Abstract Art by DUEALBERI
Commissioned Abstract Art for Carl S. Boston USA – A.F. DUEALBERI
Commissioned Art
Commissioned Abstract Art for Jane M. New York USA – A.F. DUEALBERI
Commissioned Art
Commissioned Abstract Art for Anne R. Dallas USA – A.F. DUEALBERI


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