Large Abstract Canvas Art Custom made

Large Abstract Canvas Art Showcase by DUEALBERI

We have previously talked about how commissioned minimalist abstract art works, you can read about it here. Today we want to share with you you a practical outcome on how a custom made Large Abstract Canvas, may come to life.

Nancy from USA contacted us to to commission a large canvas painting. This is a two way experience, meaning that the client somehow likes what you do and would like to have something similar to what you have already made, so to help we always ask “what is the painting that you like mostly?” Nancy chose this already sold painting as a starting point:

Abstract Art Duealberi - Commissioned Art

Original Large Abstract Canvas Painting by A.F. Duealberi – Italy

Her living room had specific tones and colors so her request was to align the red tones to a rust color, more acqua, dark blue and a rectangular extra large 30×40″ stretched canvas ready to hang. We were happy to satisfy this request and the result was this:

Abstract Art Duealberi - Commissioned Art

Commissioned Large Abstract Canvas Art by A.F. Duealberi

Abstract Art Duealberi - Commissioned Art

Huge Abstract Art – Closeup – A.F. Duealberi

Nancy liked it a lot and we were happy as well to make our client happy. This is very important because it becomes also something very personal. We would like to point out that regarding this matter, a commissioned Abstract Painting is something that sometimes we make starting from our art that is already sold, sometimes it’s something new with just a slight inspiration, but the most important thing it is never a reproduction. We never get tired of saying this: It is tecnically impossible for us, as each painting is always different since hues shapes and tones also vary slightly each time.

What connects each new painting to the artist and to the collector is the overall sensation, style and emotion that persists in the overall  A.F. Duealberi body of work.

If you would like something to have a Large Abstract Canvas Painting for your home or you are an Interior Designer, you can CONTACT us for something personal or specific. we can do paintings stretched canvas, ready to hang, up to 40×40″ size. Larger, huge paintings are made too, but on unstretched canvas, rolled in a tube.  The client will have to stretched it locally. It will arrive safely packed to your door in 7 days, worldwide, with tracking code,  directly from Italy.