Abstract Canvas Art Wall Decor- Tulips for Lunch

Abstract Canvas Art

Abstract Canvas Art – “Tulips for Lunch”

New series of four Abstract Canvas Art Paintings by DUEALBERI: Tulips for lunch 12×12 inches each, acrylic, oil and charcoal on canvas. They are pinkish, colorful, childish. Hope you like them. They will soon be in our shop, you can contact us if you wish to reserve.

These small wall art paintings are ideal if you wish to enlighten a wall with a 4 painting set, with an overall wall art decor on an area of about 30×30 inches.

We like them, makes us smile, hope you will too.

Abstract Canvas

Abstract Canvas

Abstract Canvas

Abstract Canvas


You can read more about our small abstract canvas art in this article pink-abstract-wall-art

Or you can Buy Abstract Art Prints for your Home. We Ship them worldwide directly to your home in just a few days. They arrive safely Packed in a sturdy tube

Custom Made Minimalist Abstract Painting

Minimalist Abstract Painting

Custom Made Minimalist Abstract Painting by A.F DUEALBERI

Did you know that you can commission art? That means that you can ask us to make a a custom made artwork just for you, in the size that you need.

The question may be, why would someone require a Minimalist Abstract Painting on demand? This is not a new issue, art has always somehow been connected to it’s mentors, and in many ways it is something personal in a two way direction. We receive many requests for so called commissioned Abstract Art, Bespoke Art or Art or custom made, so we wanted to show you how we work because we are very flattered to receive your requests, this means that you like what we do.

But how does it work? Do we make anything you request? What can we do and how does the process work?

Our collectors generally contact us asking if it possible to create a new  Minimalist Abstract Painting  inspired from one of our previous paintings that have been already sold.  They want to have in a specific size, generally over 30×30 inches. This is quite normal as each artwork is one kind. Sometimes we have additional requests such as some specific color variation or minor suggestion. In this case we prepare a color palette in order that our client feels comfortable with the colors that we will use on the canvas. All the rest is left to us. Once agreed we start the painting process with a non refundable deposit. When ready we send an image to our client that is always astonished, and then after drying process we ship via Fedex

In general we connect with our “Commissioned Art Collectors” through these simple guidelines and keep all the rest to our free inspiration as we really cannot control the whole creative process, it is something beyond our will.

you may contact us directly for any inquiry or for a start check out our Commissioned Art section.

Here are some examples of what we have done: each minimalist abstract painting is happily commissioned art made by us, A.F. Duealberi.


Custom Abstract Art by DUEALBERI
Commissioned Abstract Art for Carl S. Boston USA – A.F. DUEALBERI
Commissioned Art
Commissioned Abstract Art for Jane M. New York USA – A.F. DUEALBERI
Commissioned Art
Commissioned Abstract Art for Anne R. Dallas USA – A.F. DUEALBERI


More stories on custom Minimalist abstract paintings are available in our BLOG. check it out to see more.


Pink abstract canvas Art paintings by Duealberi

Pink abstract canvas painting

Pink abstract canvas Art paintings – Shades of Blush

Hello Friends

Today we are featured with our Pink abstract canvas art paintings in Little Big Bell, a beautiful Design, Interiors and Lifestyle Blog curated by Geraldine Tan – London – United Kingdom. Little Big Bell is one of the selected tastemakers at Great.ly, so we are proud to be there.

“Shades of Blush” is the name of the curated collection. We just love the colors, and the selection.

Our Limited Edition Pink abstract canvas Print “Practical Magic 02” is described as a “beautiful fine art giclee print made by Duealberi. The colour palette is just so spot on. I can see this print on my wall, above the new sofa”  

What can we say? we Blush, Thank you !!

Pink abstract paintings

Do you like our  Pink canvas art paintings ?

you can read more about DUEALBERI  Abstract art in our BLOG as well or just SHOP Abstract Art for your Home wall Decor.

Large Wall Decor with Modern Abstract Paintings USA

Modern Abstract Paintings

Large wall decor with Modern Abstract Paintings in Rhode Island

We wish to thank our client C. – Rhode Island USA.  She sent us pictures of her wonderful house, finely furnished with large wall decor, and entirely decorated with 7 of our  Duealberi Modern Abstract Paintings. We are very proud to see our work show up in such a beautiful home.

Large abstract art prints

We shipped our Duealberi Modern Abstract paintings from our studio based in Rome Italy. Locally they have been framed accordingly to the furniture and wall decor. The result is just stunning

These are some of the comments left that really made our day. Thank you!

“Great texture on this canvas, hangs in my entryway and is a perfect welcome for visitors when they walk in the door.”

“Gorgeous print! Gives a much needed pop of color to my neutral living room. Antonia and Fabio are wonderful to work with and I will continue to purchase more pieces from them.”

“This collection hangs in my hallway and is a nice way to fill up a large empty wall space. Thanks Antonia and Fabio, beautiful!”

You can shop Abstract Art. It will be safely delivered from Italy.  Thank you for visiting our Store, we update every week with new originals and Large Limited Edition Prints. If you are interested in receiving previews or updated sign up to our newsletter or contact us


Original Abstract Wall Art Packaging Madness

Large art prints Packaging Madness

Art Packaging Madness in our DUEALBERI Studio

Today we were very busy with art packaging madness. Our studio this morning was pretty messy. This time our original Abstract Art Paintings are arriving to our dear collectors in USA, and Norway.

Thank you for visiting our Store, we update every week with new originals, and if you wish you can buy also our huge limited edition prints.

Our artworks are held in private collections throughout the US, Canada, UK, Italy, Austria, France, Japan, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, and Australia.

Our Art has appeared on:
Warner Bros Super Girl TV Series, HGTV Magazine, Houzz, Great.LY, Designlike, Studio G, Besotted, Flowerona, StylishHome, Daily Dream Decor, Handmade Mode, Lovely Clusters..


Large art prints Packaging Madness

Abstract Wall Art modern acrylic painting Set DUEALBERI

Modern Acrylic Painting

Abstract Wall Art “Love Letters 04″ Modern Acrylic Painting by Duealberi

Hi Friends, today we show you a very pretty Abstract and Modern Acrylic Painting set. These are 6 Canvas board panels each 12×12″  (30×30 cm), acrylic and charcoal.

The acrylic painting colors are very soft and suitable for Wall Art Decor in any place of your home, such as kitchen, living room or even bedroom Original pink grey modern art on cotton canvas panel.  These have been sold on canvas board, unframed, but fit easily into standard 12×12″ frame. Each painting is varnished with a protective gloss finish. Initials are put on front. Materials are professional high quality acrylic paints.

Do you like our Modern Acrylic Painting set?

You can see more abstract wall art paintings here or read about other small paintings here: Abstract Canvas – Tulips for Lunch

Abstract Wall Art


Large Canvas Art, from original painting by Duealberi

Large Canvas Art , from original painting by Duealberi

Large Canvas Art, from original painting, handsigned by A.F. Duealberi

A New Large modern painting, is now also in the store as a Large Canvas Art print , 40×40 inches original abstract art painting on archival quality canvas or paper.

The Camel’s Journey 03, 80×80 cm, freshly painted, part of the Camel’s Journey series. It is about the freedom and power to evolve from a camel to a lion, and eventually to a child (after Nietzsche’s three metamorphoses of Zarathustra). The stage of the Camel is pretty simple: the camel does what it ought to do, what is required, what is considered “a duty”. The camel obeys the rules and gives all its energy to the matrix. And it is in the desert, in solitude, that the camel changes into a lion, for “it wants to capture freedom and be lord in its own desert”.. It is about the power and freedom of taking the road less traveled, starting your own journey, being yourself and expressing your innate qualities and gifts…

modern abstract painting on canvas

Do you like our Large Canvas Art works ? you can browse more Abstract art print or Original Art for Home Decor and Interiors in our Duealberi Abstract Art Shop