Duealberi Featured by The Renown Italian Blog Sweet As A Candy

Photo Courtesy Sweet As A Candy Blog

Our abstract artwork has been featured recently by famous Italian lifestyle blogger Sweet As A Candy.  

Sweet as a Candy blog was founded in 2009 by Federica Piccinini. Over the years it has grown to become a lifestyle digital magazine and a reference point in Italy for design, fashion, beauty and kids world.  The founder and creative director Federica Piccinini said she wanted to feature us also because our story of leaving our day job was also her story. She studied law and worked as a Labor Consellor for a while, putting aside her aside true dreams and creative side until  2009, when she finally woke up and started blogging.

This is what Federica said about us: “Duealberi is a creative duo, Antonia and Fabio, based in Rome. In 2010 they abandoned the certainty of the regular paycheck to believe in their dreams and to transform their art into their work. They create beautiful abstract paintings that give each room a contemporary and extremely elegant touch.” We are also very happy of the way Federica made the shooting of our abstract art print. She ordered a 28×40 inches print on paper and she framed it with a simple modern white custom frame. As you may see, she decorated kids room with it. She also released a nice video on youtube where she talks about us, among with other fellow artists and artisans.

It is really inspiring meeting other people like us who have taken the leap of faith to do what they really want to do in life. More and more people awaken and sharing similar stories helps the collective evolution. Thank you, Federica, we really love your blog.




DUEALBERI Minimal Agave and Cactus Print “Tvilling Poster” for IKEA


DUEALBERI Minimal Nature Agave and Cactus Print “Tvilling Poster” for IKEA

Our modern nature poster has been chosen by IKEA as wall decor, it is available this season at IKEA stores worldwide

Hi there, we have great news to share today. A.F. Duealberi agave plant poster has been chosen by Ikea as part of their 2017 home decor collection. This large Agave Print is already in stock starting February 2017 in all IKEA stores worldwide. It is sold as “Tvilling Poster” decoration set in the 19,7 x 19,7 inches (50×50 cm) size, together with a fellow artist’s work Cassie Ballard with her Cactus Print.

agave and Cactus Print
Photo Credit: IKEA


You may find this nature Cactus print set online and in every IKEA store worldwide this season. 


Agave and Cactus print for IKEA


The Agave and Cactus Print perfectly fits IKEA Ribba frame and is a good addition to your home decoration, as this season the green wave of nature art prints and in particular leaf, succulent and cactus posters are on-trend.

Agave Nature print by A.F. Duealberi for IKEA

Yesterday we checked out the closest IKEA store here in Rome. The picture itself was taken here in Rome, this stunning city in the heart of Italy, full of Mediterranean trees and plants. The agave is a succulent plant that is quite typical for the central and southern part of Italy. We took some cell phone pictures inside the store of the modern nature poster and are happy to share them with you. The art print really looks beautiful in a simple white frame on the wall.

Duealberi Agave and Cactus print display at IKEA

IKEA has a range of frames that are suiutable for this size of square nature art print.  You will also see here our smiling faces as one of our dreams has come true. We have always loved the minimalist and modern designs commissioned by IKEA and are very glad that our art made it to be present here.

Antonia Duealberi with A.F. Duealberi Agave poster print for IKEA

This art print size is pretty large and may perfectly fill a 4-5 feet empty wall. As many of our minimal nature prints,  this one is not a plain black and white print but has a delicate greenish shade that happens to be very fashionable this year.  



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